Wednesday, January 02, 2008


It's always tough to return to work after Hanukkah, Christmas, newFNP's birthday and New Year's Eve. It's even tougher for newFNP when her plane lands thirty minutes late and she returns to her apartment at 12:30 AM and is so enthralled with her book that she just cannot put it down and then all of the sudden, it's 1:30 AM and newFNP utters "fuck" and switches off the light.

Seemingly, five minutes pass and newFNP awakens to the sweet sounds of NPR and again utters "fuck" and starts her day. Her day which ended 33 patients later.

Fuck 2008 so far. Thankfully, bad weather is in store so there will perhaps be a lull in the patient flow.

NewFNP is in the home stretch. Her service commitment ends this year and she will be a free agent. NewFNP, however, is a glutton for punishment and is eagerly awaiting the application for another two years of indentured servitude in order to pay off more loans. If only community health paid like professional sports, newFNP would not still be living in a one bedroom apartment and cursing her six-figure student loan debt.

Damned fancy schools with their Latin-inscribed degrees!

School debt and overworked days aside, newFNP is looking forward to yet another year of sharing stories. Truly, how could newFNP ever leave her ridiculous practice? Do stories like these exist in private practice??


OBRNinNE said...

yea! you're back. I think that these stories probably do exist in private practice but that they're more sad than funny because those people have the education and means to know better...

npsusan said...

I certainly do NOT think these stories exist in private practice because those practices don't see patients who: cannot pay, will not pay, will not keep appointments, etc....Also, in private practice, although there will still be some non-compliance, those patients have access to medications and many of ours do not. Besides, without these stories, we would not do what we do with the glamorous offices and low pay! We know that we are effecting our clients in ways that we cannot in private practice.
Welcome back, by the way. I missed you.

Serena said...

Oh, wow! I'm right there with you! My contract ends in October and I'm hoping to escape to private practice as well. It's amazing that three years has gone by so quickly