Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Your shoe problems - solved!

NewFNP is here to help readers in all pursuits to the best of her ability, not just in medicine but in general well-being as well.

As many of us in the health professions know, the perfect footwear can be elusive indeed.  Many of us opt for the Dansko clog, an ever popular and respectable choice.  Orthopedically sound and very European in sensibility.  

NewFNP, however, does not opt for said clogs.  Dansko clogs were all she saw during her years in nursing school.  Danskos and knitting needles.  NewFNP's fellow students were practically wearing down the sturdy Dansko soles while hauling fucking looms to class to make furry, multi-colored scarves.  Anyway, newFNP did try the Dansko clogs but she was always feeling precariously balanced in the ankle department, not to mention that they just didn't go with newFNP's overall aesthetic.

Enter the Sigerson flat.  OK, to be fair, the Sigerson Belle flat -- newFNP is not made of money after all.  The problem with the Sigerson flat is that they are truly frigging flat.  They are so flat that one may as well tape a piece of cardboard to one's soles and fashion a cute printed upper with some wrapping paper from Paper Source.  Cute as hell though they may be, that amount of flat is no good.

So what is a fashion conscious newFNP to do?

Enter the melange of Cole Haan and Nike.  NewFNP would have never thought herself one to tout the benefits of Cole Haan but, oh, that heavenly marriage.  If it weren't for the high price-point, newFNP would buy out the stock of Nike Air-soled G Series ballet flats.  NewFNP, after all, is nothing if not an OG.  And OG's need cute and comfortable ballet flats in pewter leather with satin trim or in red perforated suede with a little sweet white patent leather trim.  

NewFNP is a committed sale-shopper and recommends buying said exquisite ballet flats on sale as comfort doesn't come cheap from ole Cole Haan.

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