Thursday, January 31, 2008


NewFNP walked out of work today.

Monday was the twentieth anniversary of the death of newFNP's mom.  NewFNP is not old enough to have passed this anniversary, but it came and went nonetheless.  NewFNP was feeling pretty sad about it and had a heartbreaking conversation with her younger brother in which mom's favorite flavor of ice cream was hypothesized about, but remained unidentified.  It seems more significant when the person is gone.

Well, nothing takes the sting out of that miserable piece of crap day than to get an e-mail noting that one will be working every frigging Saturday in February.  NewFNP feels compelled to remind everyone that Saturday clinic now begins at a soul-crushing 7:30 AM.  NewFNP promptly replied to this e-mail assault, employing words such as 'unacceptable' and 'disheartening' and 'go fuck yourself.'  OK, that last one was not verbatim but newFNP likes to think that she conveyed the sentiment in a very genteel fashion.

NewFNP's COO earnestly apologized and promised that he would change her schedule and that she would be working only two Saturdays, as per newFNP's agreement.

At three o'clock today and after seeing 20-something patients, newFNP received an e-mail reflecting the change.  Lo and behold, newFNP had a paltry one Saturday off and, friends, it was not the one she had specifically requested.  She attempted to broach the topic with her COO, but he was late for a meeting.

So newFNP left her patients in her exam rooms, donned her Tom Ford sunglasses and walked out, frustrated and feeling powerless.  

Granted, she only walked around the block, but she could have kept on walkin' if not for the risk of bodily harm via drive by shooting and of credit harm via student loan default.

But instead, she went back, did a couple of exams and then solved the problem.  

The huge drag is that it didn't even need to be a problem.  Dr. Dual-Ivy-League-Degrees offered to work one of newFNP's Saturdays.   The Real Dr. Mc Dreamy is working part time and she offered to pick up another Saturday.  All that really needed to occur was a little communication.

NewFNP is certain that poor communication is a problem in many community health clinics.  But newFNP is sick of it.  She is committed to community health, she is willing to be flexible, she has no intention of leaving.  Is senior management trying to force her out?  

Community health clinics have a hard enough time keeping providers.  NewFNP doesn't need a clothing allowance, but she does need to be treated with courtesy.

She'll probably need a Xanax when the March schedule comes out.

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