Monday, November 05, 2007

Respect my authority!!

Prior to her current role, newFNP has never really been in a position of authority. Sure, she has been an authority on clear skin and flat-front pants for the fellows for some time now, but these things did not carry with them the burden of being feared, being disliked or being the target of shit-talking as a result of asserting her authority. Not even when then-studentFNP threw her law school pal's pleated pants across his apartment in fashion protest did her authority engender such strong responses.

NewFNP readily admits that she has an exceedingly low tolerance for incompetence and laziness. She values initiative and intelligence. She can see that these are her own values and can own her own shit, therapeutically speaking. This does, however, make her experience at work challenging at times.

But one would think that newFNP was in league with Pol Pot or Idi fucking Amin with the way the shit talking has been flying lately. NewFNP finds it bothersome.

When newFNP's MA asks her in which room she would like to see the prenatal patient and newFNP responds, "room 4" and then heads off to room 5 to see another patient, that is not yelling, nor is it saying that she no longer wants to see patients.

Likewise, when newFNP instructs the same MA to put one of the two 3PM adult physicals in with the other provider, that is neither yelling nor is it refusal to do one's job. It is a little something that newFNP likes to call "sharing the burden."

NewFNP's clinic manager and other MA basically just counseled newFNP to shrug it off. The exact words might have been "Fuck 'em."

NewFNP sort of agrees - who the fuck cares? Talking shit about one's boss is natural, healthy and fun! But newFNP is, in fact, no one's boss and she just wishes that they would all save the shit-talking for after 5PM.

This crap on a day when newFNP showed up bearing gift cards to thank staff for having Halloween spirit and dressing up! Lame.


Anonymous said...

One of the most challenging parts of my job as an NP is working with the office staff...some great MA's, some not so great. Some great front office, some not so great. It is especially hard for this newFNP who came from an ER background where everything was urgent! "I need it NOW, that's why I asked!" I have been counseled a few times for being "snarky" with the staff.
I wish they had taught us "Communication with wanna-be nurses 101" in NP school.

HSM. PA-S said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree. Some MAs are fantastic, have initiative, and want to learn to be a better part of the health care team. Some are on the clock until 5 and seem pissed off to be here.
I can handle snark when directed at me. The absolute WORST are those people who take dissatisfaction with their lives out on the patients. THAT makes my blood boil! I have several patients that have said, point blank, that they love me but can't stand dealing with some of the staff in the office, and then I definitely have to regulate on some fools! Especially when their bad attitudes start reflecting on me and my practice...and I worked too damn hard to get here to have Miss Pissy mess that up!