Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving thanks.

NewFNP is often flippant and irreverent. She can, however, be ruminative as well and would like to take this time to note some of the things for which she is grateful. Only some of them will be flippant and irreverent.

1) Four consecutive days off for the Thanksgiving holiday. The Thanksgiving week is newFNP's favorite work week - it's three days!! Even newFNP can manage to smile for three days. OK, mostly. NewFNP is almost unsure how she will spend her Thanksgiving mini-break. She will not shop, although she loves to, but will just enjoy her time off and attempt to be mindful of just how fortunate she really is.

2) Literature. NewFNP loves to read. She intends to read a lot these next few days. She may shop, after all, but only to buy a highly recommended new book.

3) Friends. Friends who don't think she's a lame-o when she cries to them about love gone awry, who feed her well and ply her with good wine, who go on hikes with her, who laugh at her jokes and make her laugh in turn, and who just let newFNP know that she has a place in this world. NewFNP will be attending a potluck tomorrow. Some of the people are new to newFNP, others old. How lovely to spend a day eating potatoes and pie, and sharing one's life. And eating again.

4) Pie.

5) Family. NewFNP has had a lot of family time this year and a lot of fucking devastatingly sad changes. Her family has been through so much. NewFNP wishes she could be with them, but to do would mean breaking her longstanding prohibition against Thanksgiving holiday travel. She broke her self-imposed rule for Thanksgiving 2005 and believes that her ass might be extra-flat as a result of the fucking long drive.

6) Trouser jeans. Joe's Jeans, can you do no wrong? Your fits are amazing and your trouser jeans with patent leather trim on the pockets are divine. NewFNP is truly thankful for their flattering fit and reasonably lengthed inseam.

7) Paycheck. Without it, how would newFNP afford said fashionable Joe's Jeans?

8) Contact lenses. NewFNP suffers from extraordinarily poor vision. How would newFNP sport her perfectly over-sized Tom Ford lunettes de soleil if not for her contact lenses?

9) Retin-A. She has said it before and she'll say it again. NewFNP cannot extol its virtues enough. Why is not every 29-year old at their dermatologists demanding this prescription? Give up on the Creme de la Mer and get thee to thy derm!

10) Her readers. Seriously. Thank you for being interested in what newFNP has to say and for coming back for more.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Happy restful and well-deserved mini Thanksgiving vacation to you. I love your blog. Thanks for being you.

ttt, New ANP

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your excellent blog a few months ago as a curious FNP student. I just love it so keep it up. This Thanksgiving I was thankful for many things including this extremely enjoyable glimpse at a fellow FNP's life and often comical and enlightening practice predicaments.

FNP student

BostonFNP said...

Thankful for you, NewFNP!