Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yuck Mouth

Two thousand and seven has been, quite frankly, a real drag for newFNP.

To recap, a truly beloved family member died, newFNP and her formerly live-in Punjabi now ex-boyfriend broke up, and a mere one week later newFNP was in a serious car accident from which she walked away without a scratch - so, a bad and a good there. Then, one of newFNP's BFF's moved to South frigging Africa to do public health. Ugh. In sum, a shithole of a year to date.

And now newFNP has to have a fucking root canal tomorrow morning.

Son. Of. A. Bitch. Seriously, there are not enough swear words in the universe to express newFNP's distaste for her current situation. And if there is one thing that newFNP knows, it is motherfucking swear words.

NewFNP's insurance covers a portion of this horrific and utterly undesired procedure, but leaves newFNP to cover upwards of $600 of the cost herself. Really, Dental HMO? That is coverage? No wonder tons of poor people are walking around with mouths that look like jack-o-lanterns from just yanking those decayed fuckers out.

NewFNP has known for quite some time that community dental health is utterly lacking, but it seems as though dental care for the insured leaves a lot to be desired as well. Even The New York Times took this on today in this article noting how dentists are faring well, although many teeth in the heads of Americans are not. NewFNP's clinics is one of the rare free clinics around that offers dental care - free dental care. One shudders upon seeing the lines and is astounded by the number of emergencies who are seen on a daily basis.

As much as newFNP enjoys a day off, she would rather be opening huge abscesses and taking cockroaches out of ears than sitting in a fancy endodontist's office trying to figure out how she, a relatively well paid person, is going to pay for this.

No wonder newFNP's patients are so sick by the time they get to newFNP's clinic.

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Loving Pecola said...

Yes. It's appalling.