Thursday, October 04, 2007

Say what???

NewFNP must be a monkey's uncle, hell must have frozen over and pigs must be flying because the brain-trust at newFNP's clinic did not can the mooning LVN.

Nope, the flashing was just a "joke that went too far."

Yeah, too far over her bare ass. And, please, let's all just overlook the fact that she denied it all, just flat out lied. Strong character. Good choice to keep this one.

Seriously, what do people have to do to get fired? NewFNP could hypothesize that flashing one's va-jay-jay might do it? On the other hand, maybe not - there is another provider who pretty frequently rocks the camel-toe and shows a significant amount of cleavage and she's been there longer than has newFNP.

Maybe the administration figures that patients will continue to frequent the clinic of they know that there is a chance for a free peep show.

Seriously people, what the hell?


Night Witch said...

I think LVN used to work at my clinic. Cute blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to figure out where you work. Well, now I know that you must work in either California or Texas because that is where they refer to practical/vocational nurses as LVNs instead of LPNs. Still doesn't really limit the possibilities by much. BTW, I absolutely love your blog. Keep it up!