Friday, September 19, 2008

Win-win situation

As many of you know, newFNP was in the midst of a crisis when she made the decision to make a change of venue.  She was really concerned that she had made a huge mistake in becoming an NP.  It was altogether quite unpleasant.

Well, that has all changed.  NewFNP cannot believe her new job. She cannot believe her new attitude.  And she cannot believe her new schedule.

 The downside of the new position is that is holds less responsibility than her clinical role. This will change when newFNP is not so new there, but for now newFNP is feeling a little underutilized.   The upside is every-frigging-thing else.  NewFNP went to lunch today with her colleagues.  Lunch.  Away from the clinical site.  With her colleagues.  The support staff are entirely competent and responsible in their roles.  NewFNP has been told by her supervisor to 'relax' and 'take it easy' - not just once.  Multiple times.  The job is all about attention to detail, about taking your time and doing it right.  It has EMR.  It's 2.5 miles from her apartment.  What's not to love?

And, sweet Jesus, the hours are 12-8PM.  To newFNP, this is a dream come true.  No more fighting in lines at the gym to get the good elliptical machines at 5:30PM, no more blowing off the gym to cry about one's shitty day.  Now the gym is a pre-work activity and not at 5:30AM and not when there are a million other people looking at newFNP is she tries to sneak in a 40 minute workout instead of a 30 minutes one.  Now she can guiltlessly enjoy her full 60 minutes of cardio.  She went to the grocery store - a perpetually crowded grocery store - and it wasn't crowded.  It's a whole new world!  

This must be what it feels like to find religion.

But maybe the best part about being at the new job is that newFNP enjoys the old job a million times more.  This is not to say that she does not experience frustration when she has three 1:30 appointments, but she has adopted a much more zen-like attitude about it.  Saying well, fuck it, I'm not here tomorrow qualifies as zen, right?  In the face of new responsibilities at the new job, newFNP is thankful to feel mastery, or at least competency, in her clinical role.  


Rick said...

Congratulations! Glad you finally found your place... (long time blog follower)

stephanie said...

Though I'll miss sharing your after-the-fact humor perspective on insane clinic days, I'm happy to hear you're in a healthier (for you) situation. Cheers!

LilSass said...

I am so SO happy to hear this. And yes, I am going to reply to your totally kickass message that you sent like 17 months ago. Promise! Very soon!!

MamaShehee said...

I stumbled on your blog, and all I have to say is AMEN! I work as an RN on Mother-baby, my patients on Thursday night consisted of 2-14 year olds, 1- 15 year old and 1- 16 and 17 year old. It is sad when none of your patients are old enough to vote! Maybe McCain/Palin need to visit those girls (esp the 17 year old G3P3)