Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh baby!

People, it is no great secret that people have complicated lives.  NewFNP has seen a shitload of this in her expanded role as prenatal care provider.  

Take for instance the 20-weeker who complained of daily anxiety and thoughts of fleeing.  NewFNP screened for abuse.  Denied.  Depression?  Denied.  Pre-existing stressor?  Affirmed.  What stress might that be?  Her on-going affair resulting in her unintended pregnancy resulting in her uncertainty as to half of her fetus's DNA.  NewFNP offered support and referral to counseling but felt a little relief when her patient flat out acknowledged that she had made her bed - no pun intended - and that she would have to find a solution.  True.  But take the referrals, hon.  Clearly there are some issues to be worked through chez toi.

Or the 17-year old pregnant woman who tested positive for HCV.  This 17-year old now has to worry about vertical transmission (0-8% risk), about breast-feeding (CDC and AAP say it's OK), about hepatocarcinoma (referral, viral load, genotype pending).  

Or the 30-year old G6P3 who recently separated from her partner, had an unintended pregnancy and - surprise!!  Triplets!

Now, newFNP has generally refrained from turning her blog into a platform for political musings, but here we are in an election where one ticket is opposed to abortion rights no matter what and supports the limited to access to birth control, where the VP candidate wants women to pay for their own rape kits and ban Are You There God, It's Me Margaret, and where the presidential candidate is a huge dick during the debate he tried to bail on.  OK, that last one isn't related to health care, but he was a dick, right?  Geez!  

Do they want more 14-year old parents with limited IQ and limited future prospects?  If newFNP were running for president, she would support free Mirena insertion at age 14 for all females.  Isn't it reasonable for the whole country to delay childbearing to age 19?  Just get through high school?  Fuck, get through middle school without getting knocked up.  

NewFNP was a die-hard Hillary supporter, but she does not at all understand these people who have jumped from Hillary to McCain/Palin.  What the fuck?  Women's rights people!  Remember 'women's rights are human rights'?  Taking care of the poor?  Gay rights?  Not screwing the middle and lower classes?  Valuing education?  Valuing science?  Promoting environmental awareness?  The economy?  Not having nuclear war with Iran?

Oh man, newFNP cannot imagine the consequences of a McCain/Palin White House.  The only good thing that could come of it is more Tina Fey impersonations and, as ridiculously great as that was, it's not enough.


Jenn said...

Hear, hear!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I have worked in family planning for about 10 years. I don't even want to imagine what a Mccain/Palin whitehouse would do to women's rights and family planning. I was a huge hillary supporter, not thrilled with obama, but the clear choice, vote for the policies that are important and support obama. It is a shame that we can't tell all of our patients of voting age, do you like your free or reduced cost services, vote for obama. I can't even wear a damn button to give off the suggestion to vote for obama due to the federal funding we receive. I am just hoping and praying that americans get it right this time.

Loving Pecola said...

"...but she does not at all understand these people who have jumped from Hillary to McCain/Palin..."

are you sure you dont get it?? LMAO

DamselFish said...


MamaShehee said...

Oops posted my comment under the next is in reference to this one actually.

NewNS said...

I agree! I really really wanted Hillary on the ticket. But I suppose Obama will be ok.

BostonFNP said...

Preaching to the choir, sister... preaching to the choir.

Nurse Teeny said...

When it comes to women's rights, the choice is clear. And Clinton AND Obama supporters can agree on that. I am not about to sit back and watch Roe v. Wade be overturned.

Btw, if anyone watched the VP debates tonight, didja notice how Palin closed with her "freedoms" spiel. Hypocrite!

Donna said...

HI newFNP! Man, you are totally helping me with my decision to become an FNP too.. I just found your blog yesterday and I LOVE it! I've been doing my pre-reqs for nursing and only started getting cold feet about 2 weeks ago after going to an info session at a school and the reps weren't so enthused about the field of nursing.. weird huh? Anyway.. I wanted to sooo become an FNP and from your blogs, am SURE of it now. It's cool too because I'm going the Entry Level Masters as well since my bachelor's is in Business. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pre-reqs and hope that's a good sign. I'm volunteering at a hospital too, doing vitals, bed changes and such. AHHH! So excited. Right in the middle of apps too.