Thursday, May 22, 2008


Would anyone believe newFNP if she were to tell you that the power went out yet again at clinic today?  True story.  Although to look at the patient population and to hear the language spoken, one might think that they had taken a wrong turn and ended up in - say - Mexico or Guatemala with their associated electricity issues.  One would, however, be mistaken.  

Several of the flashlights from the outage less than two weeks ago went AWOL, the generator arrived yet filled the halls with the unmistakable scent of gasoline, sending the dental director into an asthma attack and yet, newFNP and her colleagues, including the podiatrist, continued to see patients.  

Want that toenail removed?  Bring your own flashlight!


estlxlan said...

oh my god! it must be very frustrating! didn't your clients complaint?

Keith, RN said...

They sure don't teach you about dealing with flashlights, power outages and the sweet smell of gasoline in nursing school. Wow.