Saturday, May 03, 2008


Oh my God, did newFNP ever create one hell of a ruckus at clinic yesterday.

Being a mandated reporter - while important - can be difficult.  Say, for example, when a fourteen year old girl who has run away from home several times and drinks to the point of blacking out and is in newFNP's clinic for a pregnancy test tells newFNP that she doesn't feel safe at home.  And when she says that she is scared of her dad who is, by the way, sitting in the waiting room.  And that she is not scared of him because he is upset with all of her aforementioned behaviors.  And when she finally says that he sexually abuses her.  This four sentence synapsis, by the way, took 40 minutes of listening, questioning, waiting, etc.

So newFNP did what she is supposed to to.  She reported her suspicion for abuse to the local department of children's services who instructed her to call the police.  This is how two, then four, then five, and then seven police officers showed up at newFNP's clinic yesterday.  

If anyone was ever looking for a man in uniform, yesterday was the day to find one.   NewFNP, however, is not in the market.

NewFNP doesn't know if this girl has been abused or if this girl is just incredibly fucked up. Something is not right in her life or she wouldn't be involved in all of the risky behavior she is currently exploring.  It isn't really for newFNP to determine this though - that is for the detectives and the social workers.  

At the end of the day, newFNP cut out 15 minutes early, thinking to herself, "T.G.I. motherfucking F."

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Anonymous said...

You did the right thing. I can't tell you how many child protective services reports I phoned in when I worked at juvenile hall as a NP. Not once was any action taken (besides some investigation). And we are talking about real abuse...sad.