Sunday, March 09, 2008

Yo bro

If there is one thing to which newFNP is sensitive, it is to the discussion of acne. 

NewFNP has frequently professed her love of Retin-A, but prior to extolling its virtues, newFNP was a begrudging fan of its stronger, more teratogenic cousin: Accutane.  NewFNP's skin was not always so clear and lovely and newFNP felt quite unattractive as a result.  By the time she got hooked on the Accutane, she had tried what seemed like trillions of topical and oral antibiotics, all to no avail.  NewFNP was, by that time, very sensitive about her skin.

Therefore, when newFNP has a patient with acne, she broaches the subject gently.  She may say something like, "NewFNP sees that you've been breaking out a little bit.  Would you like her to write you a prescription to help with that?"  This is perhaps the only circumstance in her life in which newFNP has never been refused.  Patients generally want help and are thankful when the offer is extended.

NewFNP had a teenage patient in clinic for a non-derm related complaint last week. He sat on the exam table, his mom and 7-year old brother on the chairs.  NewFNP addressed his complaint and then turned the topic to that of acne, which she acknowledged as being a normal and treatable adolescent process.  Following the rule, newFNP's patient and his mom were grateful for the offer of help.

His brother, however, had another response.

"Pimples!!!" he yelled out with glee.  

Ah, brothers.  You've gotta love 'em.

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