Monday, December 13, 2010

Hit me with your best shot

NewFNP has had better days at work.

To begin with, newFNP's back is jacked up and she is walking like she has a stick up her ass. Then she saw 17 patients before lunch.

Then her last patient hit her in the face. Open hand, but with the force of 202-pounds of mother-fucking crazy behind it.

NewFNP has never, ever been hit before. She is a white girl from the suburbs who went to top tier schools and watches Jon Stewart and goes to spin classes and shops at J. Crew. She does not engage in fisticuffs. And, quite frankly, she could go the rest of her life without ever being hit again if she has her way. It hurts. NewFNP was actually dizzy. And she was completely fucking shocked.

After her patient was forcibly removed from the clinic 5150-style and newFNP spoke with the officers about her being a victim of battery (not her words, but noted on the very official police report), she was told that she should go home for the rest of the day.

No shit.

It's one hell of a way to get half a day off, but you don't have to tell newFNP twice to get the hell out of dodge. Why couldn't her patient unleash the crazy at 9 AM instead of at 12:30??


Angel said...

...and as an FNP to be (and nurse of 18 years), I'm forced to ask what it is about nurses that makes people feel they can get away with that ... how many physicians have ever taken such abuse?

NP Odyssey said...

Your being upset is understandable and you even managed to have a little sense of humor about it.

Working mental health before becoming a nurse I was hit and slapped a few times, and it always came out of nowhere. You never get use to it and it shocks the shit out of you every time.

Hope you are alright.

Jenn said...

Unbelievable!! Girl, I hope you're treating yourself to whatever the eff you want right now!

Marty said...

Like NP Odyssey, I work in mental health and am almost through my psych NP program. Every year I have worked as a RN (18)I have been assaulted at least x 1.

Havig grown up as a boy, I learned when in I fight and you get hit in the face, you must continue hitting your opponent or you will get creamed. Fortunate for new fnp she was only poped one to the face with an open hand.

I don't know where people get the idea it is OK to hit nurses but we are one of the most assaulted occupational groups. New fnp is fortunate this is her 1st experience being assaulted. Hope it never happens to you again.

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Why in the world do patients think that we are punching bags? Too bad we can't just close the door and swing back but that would be unethical.. Hope you are okay!

Scrubs said...

Glad it only happened once, and that you are ok! I don't know why patients lash out at those who wear scrubs - nurses are only trying to help!