Monday, December 06, 2010


If there is one thing that newFNP sees very infrequently at work, it's white people. And today newFNP had a white hipster (subtype 70's-inspired) in her exam room.

He looked as though he had rolled straight out of Williamsburg on a fixed-gear skinny-tire bicycle while listening to Deerhunter and had somehow managed to end up in newFNP's clinic via some kind of fashion/anti-fashion vortex.

He had many of the markings of hipsterdom:

- shaggy hair-do and beard
- tan corduroys and a plaid tan & white shirt a la Oliver from the Brady Bunch
- American Spirits
- canvas Aasics
- a college degree yet a job at a camping store (possibly related to the economy and not hipsterdom)
- understated ennui.

How did he find newFNP's clinic and end up in newFNP's exam room to discuss the communicable scourges of scabies and HPV? After all, her clinic is in a very non-hipster and seemingly ungentrifiable area of town.

In his honor, newFNP is listening to her Hipster Harvest Mix CD, courtesy of her BFF, and laughing once again at the hipster dinosaurs.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog! I'm not an FNP, but I also work in the Community Health Clinic world doing billing and practice management training. I don't get much of an opportunity to experience what Medical Providers go through on a daily basis so your blog is definitely an eye opener. Thank You, for sharing.