Saturday, November 21, 2009

Two things

One. NewFNP is fucking stoked not to have a mammogram again until age fifty. Not so nuanced a comment, but personal indeed.

Two. NewFNP was leaving Whole Paycheck with bag full of organic goodies and was listening a gentleman on NPR listing the reasons for opposition to health care reform. One reason was the loss of choice. (He didn't specify, but newFNP assumes that he is talking about choice over health care providers as well as the government having a say in what health care can and cannot be provided.) Oh, the irony! After all, isn't there a huge brouhaha over including the choice to have an abortion in the current health care reform debate??!

That kind of stuff makes newFNP want to tell people to suck it.


Katrine said...

Dear NFP,
This video was just forwarded to me by a friend and perhaps you've already seen it. But, if not, I think you'll like it very much. Thought I'd pass it on. When it has 1 million views, Medline will make a huge donation to Providence St. Vincent hospital, and give free mammograms to the community. They are already 1/2 way there. Pass it on.
Love your site. Read it all the time!
Best wishes and Happy Lots-to-be-Thankful-for-giving.

חרדה said...

i am happy that i am healthy. catch 22 of the health insurance- it is good for the healthy ones...

Anonymous said...

As a health care conservative it is ironic that abortion is one of the few public programs I support.