Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes We Can

NewFNP expected that Obama would win as she stood in line at the polls early this chilly morning, but she must confess that the win feels so much better than she had imagined.  It is exceedingly rare that newFNP tears up when listening to a speech on TV, but tonight was an exception.  Two times she got a little misty - once for President-elect Obama's speech, and earlier during McCain's concession speech as well.  If the McCain who spoke tonight would have campaigned instead of the meanie who capitulated to his party's rightest wing time and time again, perhaps there would have been an actual Presidential race.  

Instead, a landslide.  For once, newFNP and Karl Rove's predictions were in accord.

NewFNP feels like it is truly the dawn of a new day.  She wants to bask in this good day sunshine feeling and ignore the fact that three states appear to be voting in bigotry in the form of gay marriage bans and a forth has embraced discrimination in banning unmarried "sexual partners" from adopting children.  Brad and Angelina - heads up.  Do not move to Arkansas.

But newFNP is off to bed, a smile on her face, dishes and wine glasses piled high in the sink - invigorated and hopeful for this new chapter in our history.

Yes.  We.  Can!!!


Anonymous said...

Just found this bolg. Man, I love it....I am going to assign it to my NP students next semesters. Wish I had it when I was a student. An I am getting some Danskos too-my plantar fasciaitis is killing me.

Anonymous said...

Well said! Same feelings here about all.

BostonFNP said...

Cried my eyes out... that's certainly never happened before in this house!