Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Eve

Oh.  My.  God.  

If newFNP never has to hear the word 'nucular' again, it will be too damned soon.  

NewFNP is so freakin excited for tomorrow and for a big Obama landslide (fingers crossed).  She will be at the polls bright and early and will be liberally abusing her clinic's personal internet use policy between every patient, monitoring the early returns.  

Oh, how newFNP loves election day.  She thinks that her friend's four-year old grandson expressed the feeling best while going through his swearing phase, declaring, "I am a fucking American!"  Watching the returns is so exciting!  It's like Oscar night for nerds.  

NewFNP had planned to cook turkey chili for the occasion, a newFNP specialty and an American favorite - pleasing in red and blue states alike.  However, she decided on seared sea scallops with herbed red potatoes (ironic, eh?) and garlic-infused baby broccoli - a more sophisticated meal perhaps better suited to the changing of the guard.  

Anyone want to come over?  


Andrew said...

fingers are crossed!

Jenn said...

Go Obama!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a conservative and have my fingers crossed for my party.

Either way I am enjoying your blog and look forward to me being sad and reading your celebration via the blog.. or perhaps me being elated over the results and hearing your rants. ;)