Sunday, November 09, 2008

Neti's Girl

It is not often that newFNP falls ill, but when she does, said illness tends to knock her on her ass.  The convalescence is short, but miserable - especially when it falls on a beautiful sunny Saturday.  

This period of debilitating lack of energy brought newFNP to a couple of realizations.

For one, newFNP is fucking over not having cable.  Who, in their darkest hours of viral illness, should be further traumatized by having to watch network Saturday TV?  Sure, newFNP could have read, but if she is too exhausted to order Thai delivery because it would require her walking downstairs to retrieve her Tom Yum Gai, she is too freaking tired to read.  Seriously, it's not like newFNP has People and Us Weekly lying around. 

It was somewhere during the 8-hour Lipstick Jungle internet streaming marathon that newFNP realized that cable and a DVR were in order.  November 22 cannot get here soon enough.  This is not to say that LJ is a bad show as far as S&TC rip-offs go.  NewFNP had never seen it before and thinks that Lindsay Price is as cute as the day is long.  She was thrilled to see her Crate & Barrel couch in Nico's office.  But don't let that clean white upholstery or the Crate & Barrel sales people fool you - the flawless white upholstery does not remain pristine, even in newFNP's childless, petless home.

For two, the excruciatingly embarrassing neti pot is a must have for any illness involving sinus fullness/mucus/overall disgusting head cold repulsiveness.  It is a shameful bathroom entity which, like moustache bleach/wax and corn removal tools, should be hidden whenever guests of the romantic nature are visiting.  But, man alive, does it ever work.

NewFNP is on the mend, so much so that, after finishing the Sunday NYT, she is planning on visiting the Nordstom half-yearly sale.  Clearly, the dawn of a new day.


Beth said...

I totally love the neti pot ENT at univerisity of wisconsin recommended it to me, and me and my hubby have used one ever since. Hang in there, fight that virus!

Anonymous said...

I'm confident that your life will improve immensely with your new dvr & cable. As an avid newfnp fan, i'm shocked that you have lasted without Project Runway for this long.

Anonymous said...

also, the new top chef season is starting...enjoy!

Anonymous said...

You are TOO FUNNY! Hope you get well soon...