Sunday, October 05, 2008


NewFNP wants to say right off the bat - take that O.J., you murdering, armed robbering, kidnapping motherfucker!  Sure, you got away with murder, you SOB, but you couldn't just walk the straight and narrow and the good people of Las Vegas were wise enough to do what the people of Los Angeles could not thirteen years ago.  NewFNP supposes that murdering two people loads you up with bad karma.  Further felonies do not help.

OK, back to newFNP.  In her new job, newFNP is surrounded by overachieving braniacs.  Hell, in her clinical job as well, but in her clinic most people are content with providing clinical care.  In her new job, clinical care is part of what you do when you aren't taking an 8AM course in genetics as a fun refresher or being a RWJ Clinical Scholar or writing new research proposals.  NewFNP is in the fucking thick of academia in her new gig.

To newFNP, academia is like her fantasy world of smart people just getting to be smart and do smart things and make smart geeky jokes about acetylcholine and dopamine.  It's where miracles happen - where genomes are sequenced and viruses are isolated and treatments are cutting edge.

So newFNP really has a lot of opportunity to grow in her career.

The thing is, newFNP isn't sure how much she wants that anymore.  Sometimes newFNP just wants to read Go Fug Yourself or For Whom the Bell Tolls or the New Yorker.  Sometimes she just wants to get her teeth whitened or her face facialed.  She wants to go to a movie or a Weezer concert or the opera.  Or she wants to write here on her blog, which she fully acknowledges is not advancing the science in any way but brings her a lot of joy.  And what if she wants to have a baby one day?

Recently, newFNP's new supervisor mentioned that he hasn't been to a movie in years.  Incredulous, newFNP asked why.  He stated that he doesn't have time.  No time?  For a movie?  Not even for a George Clooney movie?  That is not the life for newFNP.

And newFNP feels a little guilty about this.  Like she is letting her new boss - of three weeks - down.  Like she isn't living up to her potential.  Like she is a big flake for not taking on more and more responsibilities.  

But, for now, she'll just go read some Hemingway and put her professional neuroses to bed for one more night.


Anonymous said...

Eventually, you'll find a balance. Just like the economy.

Anonymous said...

oh relax, that's why you need to keep working very part time in the ghetto clinic, to have some sense of realism and not get caught up in all the "academia". Besides, there is so much more to life than work.

Beth said...

I much more to work than life. Especially in healthcare. Seriously, if you don't take care of will you take care of others without burning out (more). So proud that you keep your ideals, even amongst the genius workaholics : )

Beth said...

haha...freudian much more to LIFE than WORK. Maybe I need to work a little less : )

Anonymous said...

Think of yourself as the ambassador.
Someone has to connect brain-i-topia to reality.