Thursday, July 10, 2008

T minus 36 days

NewFNP is a broken frigging record.  She is burnt out.  No, she is charred.  She is unrecognizable.

She has, however, had some lovely encounters lately that have re-affirmed her love for nurse practitionering.  Her post-partum patient who was thrilled to introduce her newborn baby to newFNP, who had done the vast majority of her prenatal care, and who told newFNP that she wold help care for newFNP's baby when she finally got around to having one; the physical exam with a lovely woman who gave newFNP a big hug in the hallway and could be heard telling other staff members how happy she is with the care she receives at the clinic; the mom who entered the exam room so angry after having waited for hours to have her daughter's ear examined who left with questions answered and hope that her daughter's chronic condition will be solved; the overwhelmed patient for whom an IUD is a real life-saver.

She was so thankful to host nhFNP and nycPNP a couple of weeks ago and not only because of the crazy delicious tapas and wine!  Theses ladies graduated with newFNP three years ago.  Both are on their second jobs - various aspects of their respective first jobs having chewed them up and spit them out.  Both are happy and thriving in their new positions.  One even presented her work at a major conference recently.  

If newFNP were to present her work somewhere, it would be like an avant-garde show involving lots of crying while in the fetal position, some throwing up, and monkeys throwing loads of crap at her.  That is not how newFNP wants to have her work represented.  

NewFNP is struggling with the thought of leaving community health.  She takes a lot of pride in her work and she has a real love for her patients.  But the utter lack of a system is killing her.  Perhaps she will be able to maintain her sanity if she is only entrenched in the mire of her clinic part-time.  

And, just as importantly, she can't really leave full-time community health practice... whatever will she write about if she leaves entirely?!?!

Thirty-six work days until she can go.  Thirty-five if she gets a UTI or an otitis or something.  Nothing serious, of course.  Just something a little trip to the day spa would cure!


SFNP said...

What aabout working at Planned Parenthood? It would still give you the community clinic feel, and the 15 minute appointments, but also give you more resources to work with. Also, they have protocols for everything which can also be an advantage. That, and they are a great organization.

Anonymous said...

I've worked at Planned Parenthood for 10 years. It's like a full day of Coco Browns. Me and my colleagues are just as "charred" as newFNP...

Anonymous said...

So where will you be going?

lesbonurse said...

I totally feel you on the "avant garde art show." If I chose to publish anything, it would be "A case study on the effects of caring for children, a husband and elderly parents in the middle aged female with depression, fibromyalgia and uncontrolled diabetes."

Anonymous said...

if you go the whole planned parenthood route, just make sure you are working a title X funded clinic less than 50 % of the time and a non title ten funded clinic the other 50%. Non title ten funded think, location near a college with mostly educated healthy young women. Title X funded the job you are in now but just GYN.