Wednesday, July 02, 2008

PSDA - thumbs *down*

Just when newFNP was reconsidering her decision to go into clinical practice, she was privileged/mandated to attend a conference for a quality care collaborative in which her clinic participates.  There are only three providers who are currently working within this collaborative; the first two attended day 1 of the session whereas newFNP held day the fort on day 2.

It was about as pleasant as being waterboarded.  

NewFNP does not want to create PDSA cycles ever, ever again.  She does not want a valid plan to be that an MA is going to put a specific form in a specific place.  That is not a plan for which one should need to devote time, energy or a written plan for action documented on duplicate forms.  She certainly does not want to evaluate that plan in clinic.  

One of newFNP's plan involved three data collection points.  She was chastised for that being too much.  Three?  Too much?  In the course of a ten-month condition which is handily broken up into trimesters?  It seems like we're all selling ourselves short if that is too much.

NewFNP was so happy to see her diabetics and prenatals and well-child visits today.  It's nice to be reminded that one's job could be to do PDSAs or be a in a cubicle analyzing god-knows-what or working in the home appliance department at KMart or something like that.  

NewFNP will take the challenges and rewards of clinical practice any day, although she wouldn't mind a little time for computer Tetris every now and then!

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Rick said...

Amen to that. I'm in nursing school now because I'm sick of being the "sales rep" and living behind the "cubicle".