Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Small world (after all)

As you may recall, newFNP was feeling fed the fuck up with her clinic.  This prompted her to send her CV to her local major university/research center/medical center.  This was on Saturday at 5PM.  She was expecting that they would call, but that they would call in a month. 

They called Monday afternoon.  And not just HR -- the medical director of the position for which newFNP applied.  She was seeing patients and was too astonished to answer the phone.

She was recounting her tales of woe and her desperation and job-seeking and rapid return phone calling to her pal and Scrabulous nemesis during the walk to the Death Cab concert Monday night.  "Hmmm," he said, "That sounds like the project that CHO works on."  Confirmed.  An MPH colleague, to whom newFNP was a mentor during MPH orientation, has worked there for years.  

Last night, newFNP was dining with her other public health gal-pals in honor of a great public health pal visiting from her South African international health job and was detailing yet again her frustration with work and her possible venture into academic medicine.  

"Come to South Africa!" newFNP's friend stated.  Interesting, but pass.  Amongst other things, if newFNP ever wants to get married, it seems as though a move to South Africa might decrease those odds.

As she described the research area, another friend stated, "My brother is doing that same kind of research."  

"What's his name?" newFNP asked.  Medical Director.  NewFNP had spent a half an hour locked in an exam room, talking to him on the phone just hours before.   

Has newFNP recently mentioned that she lives in a really major, major metropolitan area?  This project has a staff of ten.  Ten.  NewFNP isn't mystical or religious or a believer in fate, but these coincidences are somewhat testing her beliefs (or lack thereof).  

And she met with the medical director today.  He didn't promise newFNP anything, but he did say the magical words, "Well, you are very well qualified."  

Word.  NewFNP has mad qualifications.


Anonymous said...

That's solid newFNP! Best of luck with the job placement. Just tell me you won't stop writing in your blog if your job changes :)

Anonymous said...

Small world indeed, I too have been in that moment where the people connect! I think the world gets smaller as one increases in level of education and decreases in focus! We'll be feeling stifled before long...LOL