Thursday, June 19, 2008

Atypical.... and typical

On the day of the first power outage at newFNP's clinic, there was a teenage boy waiting to be seen who had - the day before - fallen down a flight of stairs, broken his nose, split open his lip and fad a face that resembled Chunk from 'The Goonies'.  He had been seen in the ER and just needed a referral to get his face fixed.

NewFNP talked to him and his parents outside, grabbed a flashlight with the brightness of a penlight, went inside the cave-light clinic and finished the kid's referral.  This was month's ago, was no big deal and, frankly, newFNP had forgotten all about it.  

Apparently, the CEO had not.

During the clinic's staff meeting, he acknowledged newFNP's contributions in front of the entire staff.  NewFNP can imagine how he told the story of her relatively minor contribution to patient care and then called out her name several times, only to have someone say the inevitable: She's still seeing patients.

NewFNP's one moment to shine and she missed it!


npsusan said...

YEAH!! It is so unusual be recognized by management! You should pat yourself on the shoulder for your committment to the masses!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!!!….you made fact the old American phrase:
While It's Nice to Be Important, It's More Important to Be Nice…
Never quit the community care clinics…. the undeserved people in America needs providers like you .The only way to see beautiful views is hiking huge Mountains..
….” Mira mis musculos” …A Yosemite OldFnp….