Monday, June 09, 2008

Skills Lab

This is what passes for a rich Monday evening in newFNP's life - the new Death Cab for Cutie album on heavy rotation, an 80-cent pig's foot from the El Salvadorean market and some borrowed instruments/pilfered sutures from clinic.  

Good times.  



Soupdaloup Design Works said...

for some odd reason this reminds me of when I was 6 and someone bought pigs feet into school for show and tell. Why I don't know but I always remember than

Anonymous said...

woman you are killing me, your humor and candor are really great and refreshing. Its the best read on the fnp subject i have found yet.

Really its rich stuff, your writing skills are very top notch.

I was gunna wait to post this but let me just get in here and do so, i will be succinct as possible. I am 47yoa, with bsn, wanted to go to fnp school for years, got side tracked in real estate. Well Real Estate is on hold, but now, I am 7 years older and

really need to consider retirement packages as well as the love of caring and science of fnp. So do you have any input, what a perfect world would be this......

School paid for by work of government.

Not working rural unless i pick the place.

The job would have great retirement packages i could work at while in school 2-4 years,

then practice another 5-10, whah-la a vested retirement once i do decide to retire.
Oh, and has life time health bennies.

and of course great pay.

I simply know what would be good to have.

Let me know your thoughts, and would like to converse more with you, as you have time.
Thank you,
Bill FNPwannabee in Vegas.