Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Va-va-va.... hey, wait a minute

As of late, newFNP has been using her spare time in between patients to help the higher-ups at work compile data for a new program application. As such, she has learned many statistics about the area in which she works. For instance, she works in the area that has the highest all-cause mortality in her county of residence. The area has the highest rates of uninsured adults and children in the county. The majority of the residents in her clinic service area speak a language other than English at home. Only a quarter of the residents have graduated from high school. The average income is in the low 20,000's.

All this to say that the patients who newFNP serves are poor and largely disenfranchised. No shit, right? They're waiting 2 hours for a 15-minute appointment at a free clinic after all.

Generally, when newFNP is conducting a health history during a physical, the past surgical history that she elicits include cholecystectomies, BTL's, hysterectomies and traumatic injury repairs. It is rare, exceedingly rare, that newFNP has a patient who has had breast implants, a tummy tuck and a face lift - all conducted in the US. Any plastic surgeries that newFNP's patients may have had are generally conducted in Mexico.

So let's see... breast augmentation. What does that even run a person? Thankfully, newFNP will never have to know! But she thinks that it is in the neighborhood of $5000. Tummy tucks? $7000? Who the fuck knows? And a face lift? What, another $5000?

So if you are dishing out upwards of fifteen grand to spruce up the bod, it seems egregious to then seek out the services of a free clinic and use public funds for your physical. At the very least, it seems as though a generous donation is in order.

NewFNP didn't say anything, though. She just did her first implant breast exam and then sent out the referral for the mammography.


Anonymous said...

I am with you on this...Whip the brand new "bells and whistles" cell phone out of the Gucci purse and then give me grief for not having samples so that you don't have to shell out you Medi-Cal $3.00 co-pay....UGH!

AMY said...

I've had feelings that I must have been a very neglectful mother, raising my 4 kids, including a set of twins. When I see the ridiculous reasons parents bring their kids in for. Look at the routing slip, and they're invariably a medical assistance. Is there no common sense in these parents . . . a rash, BIG DEAL!! Oh, a "fever" last night . . rush in to be seen. Would they be there if it meant money out of their pocket . . . I don't THINK so!!!
A man yesterday . . . won't pay for his diabetic meds, but is able to keep up with his 2ppd smoking habit!

Anonymous said...

Well said everyone-- the cell phones trip me out but no cash for meds- can you get my Rx delivered- I don't wanna go in that direction, samples samples samples- glad to have them but damn
Oh and of course the clinic was packed today --half the kids didn't go to school today. . .. because it rained!!