Monday, April 23, 2007

Breaking the law

It was yet another busy Monday in newFNP's clinic and, with newFNP still fighting her URI, she was fighting to stay afloat. She has eight charts at home to finish and some unfinished business to attend to tomorrow.

As such, newFNP was certainly not counting on a knock on her exam room door at 4:15 as she was conducting two well-child checks on siblings. She never expected her colleague FNP to say, "You have got to see this. Someone forged a prescription on a patient you saw last week."

But this is, in fact, exactly what happened.

Apparently, the two-year old patient's mom felt that the Ibuprofen prescribed by newFNP just wasn't enough. She thought that she should just add on "amoxicillina 250mg." Just like that. Just a Spanish language medication and dosage written in chicken scratch above newFNP's graceful and fluid script.

Thankfully, the pharmacy faxed over the prescription in order to verify it. They, however, asked newFNP to verify the sig, not to verify that it was a big fat forgery. What the fuck? Doesn't the pharmacist say something to the patient? Something such as, "Ahem, do you know that it is fucking illegal to forge prescriptions, you cow!?! You know, illegal as in jail."

The patient's mom had the audacity to call the clinic today, demanding that her child be given Amox and threatening to take him to the hospital, change clinics and make a scene if we didn't give it to her. She insisted that newFNP wrote her the prescription. NewFNP refused to talk to her. She let her clinic manager know what the situation was and went about her business.

Why do patients like this always think that threatening to change clinics is something newFNP will respond to? Please, newFNP will pay this patient five bucks to change clinics so she never has to deal with her fraudulent-prescription-writing ass again.

So long sucker!

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Labor Nurse said...

exactly! I would personally escort them to the new clinic.