Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The real Dr. McDreamy*

NewFNP's clinic is going through a real change.

As of Monday, newFNP's supervising physician is gone. Over the past 18 months, this woman has been there for newFNP to educate, to support, to encourage and, at times, to commiserate. She is so good with patients that she could be an NP! And she was a huge advocate for the providers.

NewFNP has felt her loss frequently these past three days, perhaps most often when she was seeing Dr. Awesome's patients whose appointments the receptionists had neglected or otherwise failed to cancel. One example of this was when newFNP saw three scheduled 8:30 appointments today - 2 of Dr. Awesome's & 1 of her own. Another example was when she saw a physical scheduled for 3:30PM at 5:10PM. Did newFNP mention that this patient has fibromyalgia? Well, she does. 5:10PM - starting time.

Has newFNP mentioned recently that her clinic closes at 5PM?

Scheduling consequences aside, the most horrible thing about losing Dr. Awesome is that a great ally, a terrific leader, an inspirational provider and a physician who doesn't crawl up her newFNP's ass is gone.

And why is she gone? NewFNP thinks that her chronicle of the past year and one-half suffices for an explanation.

*newFNP has never seen Grey's Anatomy, nor does she endorse super-skinny girls with big pouts or homophobia.

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Labor Nurse said...

You are not missing anything on Grey's anatomy. Trust me.

I hope that Dr. Awesome's replacement is Dr. Even Better. But we all know that is unlikely.