Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It doesn't take long

The first few days of work after returning from a two-week vacation, newFNP had a sort of Teflon Don-like armor, protecting her from all of the bull crap that had been bogging her down prior to her departure. NewFNP was so well-rested after her vay-cay, she felt like she had received a bull crap vaccine. She smiled, she enjoyed her patients and her relaxed demeanor was remarked upon by many patients and staff, including the C.O.O. In fact, more than one person asked newFNP if she had lost weight! NewFNP must have looked good!

Then, on her 3rd day back in clinic, newFNP began to notice that labels were missing from charts, that blood pressures weren't being recorded, and that her schedule was overbooked. Her M.A. lied to her face at 5:20 PM. The bull crap vaccine must not confer 100% immunity! GSK and Merck, where are you when newFNP is in need?

NewFNP didn't appreciate that there was a ratio at play here: for every one week of vacation, one may expect one day of immunity from the bologna regularly experienced in community health. After that, the protective effect wanes, and how!

And nothing will make that armor disappear like another provider going on vacation and the front office staff both neglecting to cancel her many appointments and allowing many of her patients to be seen despite newFNP having a full schedule herself. Yes, a 34-patient day pretty much wipes out any glow newFNP may have returned with. During her morning commute, newFNP is again fantasizing about quitting.

She is at the 50% mark of her service commitment.

Fucking hell. Another 18 months to go.

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