Thursday, May 18, 2006

What a feeling!

Apparently, newFNP's HR department has nothing better to do than to come up with new policies regarding professional attire. There were some expected no-no's, of course, such as a prohibition against shorts and half-shirts. Sorry, Beyonce, no job for you at newFNP's clinic!

There were, however, some unusual frowned upon fashion pronouncements. For instance, it is "inappropriate" to wear khakis or chinos. I'm sorry, but where is it appropriate to wear khakis if not to work? Also not making the cut were clogs, of all things. Sorry Dansko. You'll have to appeal to the Dutch because the community health clinic says you are inappropriate.

The most unusual fasion item to make the "no" list were... wait for it..... stirrup pants! Please, someone tell me, what is newFNP going to wear with her leg warmers, headband and off-the-shoulder sweatshirt? What's next? Outlawing Forenza oversized v-neck sweaters and Members Only jackets?


Akiko said...

Thats stupid!

You should be able to do the crazy dress-up any way you like! Client at public clinic not doing the shopping on Fifth Avenue, only bad shoe from dollar store. :(

So provider have to do double high fashion outfit! Then everyone super happy and client motivated to improve self-care so to work harder and buy prada handbag to carry the cute meds in! :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog! As an FNP student, I check this site regularly for updates. Keep it coming!

stillpracticingnursing said...

So sad, I cannot work in anything but the Danskos. Hot California summer, me in my black knee socks and black Danskos (not the clogs officially - the narrow Profs). Now the Khaki thing I might agree with - I have worn "tan slacks" but not khackis yet - still waiting for one of the MDs there to show up in them - then I will bring em on....they do seem a little cas - don't they?

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I would rather have a great professional in a clown suit than an incompentent provider in whatever they deem appropriate..