Friday, May 26, 2006

A plea

Ladies, please - hear me out.

Now, newFNP knows that all members of the fairer sex will at some point be afflicted with nipple hair, or more specifically, peri-areolar hair. NewFNP is not of hirsute stock, yet even she has had to endure this hardship. But what makes this tragedy something one can easily overcome is a little something called tweezers, a not-so-new technology. NewFNP opts for Tweezerman, but she is sure that even Revlon makes a pair that would be suitable for boob tweezing. Especially when your nipple hair is coarse like a man's and two inches long like a certain recent patient in clinic. So, please, cut newFNP some breast exam slack and tweeze.

Disclaimer: newFNP considers herself 100% feminist and does feel some guilt regarding both this post and her aversion to whatever makes her female patients happy as far as breasts go. NewFNP will send a check off to NOW right away.

Right after she sharpens the edge of her tweezers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i will be starting an Adult NP program this fall. i will definitely bookmark your blog. thanks for the amusement and knowledge.