Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Strapped for cash

No, newFNP is not here to complain about salary, although it is too little to support major urban area rent, plus shopping - and not even at Barney's, plus student loans. No, at this point, it seems as though newFNP's clinic has bigger fish to fry.

You see, as in many other metropolitan areas, newFNP's metropolitan area has a significant population of uninsured people. NewFNP's clinic offers 100% free services to these people, including the dispensing of some medicines. No, we do not offer Botox, but we will do our part to keep a patient's A1C at a reasonable level. As such, newFNP's community health clinic in positively out of money for uninsured patients. Imagine newFNP pulling her empty pockets out of her flattering Theory trousers, shrugging all the while, and you'll get the idea. The well is dry.

So, what next? How does newFNP provide an acceptable level of care to these patients if she can neither order labs nor dispense meds? NewFNP is already sensitive to the financial strains of community health practice. Should newFNP provide more thorough care to her insured patients than she does to her uninsured patients? The thought is unsavory at best. And unethical, according to newFNP's ethics.

Our finance department has placed a stop on all of our orders as a result of these dire straits. How much has this administration spent on Iraq, Afghanistan and the bullshit Social Security overhaul? How much was spent on a certain state's special election in 2005? How much do the Boston Celtics earn collectively? NewFNP will tell you what - it sure as fuck wouldn't take billions to keep our patients healthy.

So far, newFNP's clinic remains relatively well stocked. However, if we run out of gloves, newFNP is placing a moratorium on all rectal exams. Hey, you've gotta draw the line somewhere.


Mandy said...

Our health care system, insurance and the such, leaves much to be desired.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...just take a look at how much money is withheld from your paycheck for "Social Security and Medicare"

You'll likely never see the bulk of your SS payments, should you live long enough to collect. Medicare/Medicaid is pretty much a joke...and if you end up needing long-term care, the government won't cough up until they've liquidated pretty much *all* of your assets, including real estate in many cases.

And so, one wonders, why can't we fund a national healthcare system with all this cash plus the other money Bushco generates...oh, wait, then we couldn't afford to have unnecessary wars every few years. Never mind.

Seriously, though...my best buddy is a RN at a non-profit and I tip my hat to her, you and all the others in the industry who work hard doing countless icky procedures for vastly sub-standard pay.

By the way, Canada will practically *pay you* to move there and work as a NP. British Columbia in particular. And they'll make you a citizen, to boot! Just fyi.

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog - especially the bit about Mr.Poopie. I can't tell you how many patients that have driven me crazy with some of the same histories you list. Thanks for making me laugh! I, too, am a FNP.