Monday, April 24, 2006

Body count

Hours worked: 8
Number of patient visits: 27
Number of complete physicals: 6
Number of IUD insertions newFNP did for the first-ever time: 1
Number of third-graders weighing in at greater than 100 pounds: 2

Number of weeks of vacation newFNP currently receives through her clinic: 2
Number of sick/personal days: 4 - total, not each.

Sure, newFNP understands that she earns approximately 10K under market because she works in community health. Sure, she is savvy enough to reason why she is forced to see so many patients day in and day out.

But what newFNP does not understand is why her clinic's management does not seem to address the concept of "burn out" and spend some time considering what it might do to prevent it from happening to its employees. All newFNP wants is 4 weeks of vacation per year. Yes, it's a lot. No, it is not at all unreasonable.

NewFNP suggested this change to the doc with whom she works, who in turn suggested it to senior management. NewFNP is anxiously awaiting their response. Her passport is current and aching for some new stamps.

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