Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's nippy out

Ah, fashion. NewFNP loves fashion. NewFNP loves shopping. Just to descend into the warm embrace of the Prada SoHo, to flirt with the sassy Sigerson flats, to luxuriate in the sensation of a Theory cashmere sweater against one's cheek - even at the outlets! NewFNP loves it all.

There are, however, some fashion trends newFNP just can't endorse. These include MC Hammer pants. Can't touch this? Yeah, no shit - who would want to with those baggy ass yellow trousers? Also on the list are jelly shoes, even Marc Jacobs jellies. A current fashion forward look which newFNP finds revolting are the gladiator sandals. Go away with your leather ties up your legs. It's ugly and slutty looking.

A look that has likely not graced the pages of Vogue or Marie Claire in some time might be the half-shirt. As fashion forward newFNP readers know, longer tees are in. Bare midriff - out.

Apparently, our 275-pound walk-in yesterday morning didn't get the memo. She also must have missed the memo that it is important for breast health to wear a bra. She clearly missed the memo stating that one's ample bosom belongs inside one's half shirt as opposed to hanging out of the bottom, nipple pointing directly to the floor.

Is newFNP wrong, or is it very unusual for a woman to bear her nipple in public? Granted, newFNP lives in a rather progressive city where the climate is mild and where boobs are an important accessory. Nonetheless, it is newFNP's opinion that one must be utterly divorced from reality to A) find it acceptable to share one's lady-goods with all of the clinical staff and patients or B) not realize that one's nipple is actually out of one's shirt! I mean, come on, isn't it even a little cold? Isn't there a breeze with which to contend?

Bottom line: newFNP is no conservative, but she votes to keep the nipples in the shirts when in public.

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Anonymous said...

I agree...keep the boobies in! I am a FNP student (2 classes left) and your blog keeps me laughing. Thanks for your insight...