Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I am so naive

New FNP likes to think of herself as street savvy, but let's be honest here. Although she can roll like a P.I.M.P., she has spent the majority of 1999-2005 in graduate school. That is not street at all. That is straight up nerd.

So when an 18-year old with 2 gunshot wound scars to the arm tells new FNP that she was shot last year while at an outdoor BBQ, the interaction goes a little like this:

newFNP (shocked): Ohmigod, that's awful. Was it a drive by shooting?

Client (bored): Yeah.

newFNP: Did they catch the person who shot you?

Client: Yeah.

newFNP: Did they go to jail?

Client: Naaahhh, not jail....

newFNP at this point realizes that a little bit of street justice has taken place. And changes the subject.

But being the committed newFNP that she is, newFNP did teach this young woman how to conduct SBE even with a bunk left arm, s/p GSW and all. Adaptive education, baby. Word.

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