Monday, August 29, 2005

A Little Background

NewFNP is always one to underestimate herself, which is completely ridiculous, but nonetheless true. You all should know that going into our shared experience. NewFNP may tend to exaggerate how freaky it is to be brand new, but it's her hope that as her confidence grows, she'll be able to share the excitement and pride of growing and learning, and of providing a positive force in the lives of my clients.

A little about newFNP... she is a brand new Family Nurse Practitioner. She graduated in May 2005 from a prestigious and very old nursing school on the east coast, which shall remain nameless. Although newFNP may feel like an idiot right now, she was near the top of her class and fully intend to renew her Sigma Theta Tau membership once she A) gets a paycheck and B) pays off her credit card. Will they honor a student membership until 2010??? But I digress. NewFNP's program was an accelerated program. Most of the students with whom she attended school had non-nursing baccalaureate degrees. There seems to be some on-going debate about whether or not these type of NPs are "real" nurses, but newFNP doesn't really feel like going into all that now. Her undergrad major was "Community Studies." Ditto for not going into that now, but for all you other Slugs out there, rock on. NewFNP also has a master's degree in public health, which she loves. And which brings her to her current job.

She has accepted a position in a community health clinic in a major metropolitan area, serving a largely uninsured or under-insured population. She starts today.

Holy shit.


Craig Ferguson said...
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Anonymous said...

rock on. Slugger here. However, did you know that this year they are trying to get rid of Community Studies.. such a shame =/

Sara Robberson said...

It seems that you went to the same East-Coast-dual-degree-alternative entry program, I'm crossing my fingers to get into. Thank you so much for this blog. I've been searching for a more personal account of the actual experience of being an NP. Making these types of life decisions like "what I want to be when I grow-up" is hard.

Anonymous said...

For the next few weeks I will be perusing your blog as I will be in a similar situation, crappy in pants now but the reality is you have to start somewhere, thanks for your candid thoughts.