Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bon anniversaire!

NewFNP celebrated five years of being newFNP today by hitting an 8AM spin class -- her first spin class in a year. Yowza.

A lot has changed in these five years. All of her friends from nursing school are married and most have kids or are pregnant (hooray nycPNP!!), whereas newFNP is bordering on cougardom. She has lost some of her closest loved ones and has gained others. She has visited three new countries, had three major hair-do changes and is on her third car.

But newFNP's most significant change is that she is confident in who she is as an NP. She is continually challenged by her patients, by working in community health and by keeping herself well while working in a dysfunctional environment.

But she is learning and she is capable. Just this week, newFNP diagnosed erythema nodosum and nephrotic syndrome -- both just known of but never seen differential diagnoses until now. That feels quite good. She saw what she thought might just be chancroid, which to hear newFNP's patient tell it feels not at all good, but might feel better after a change from acyclovir to azithromycin.

Now all newFNP is left to contemplate is where is this little endeavor -- the one you are reading -- going to go next?


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Brava for the diagnoses--three cheers for you! Congrats. Five years "doing" must feel like a real mileston. I am glad to see that you take time to nurture you. Most important to stay that course.

Anonymous said...

I looove you blog and hope you continue writing!

indeazgirl said...

I generally take about 5 years between spinning classes (mostly because they kick my butt and often start at 5:30 am). Congrats!
And you totally impress me with your diagnoses. That dermatological stuff kicks my butt.