Saturday, August 29, 2009

A very happy 4th anniversary

Today is the 4th anniversay of newFNP. She is hardly new anymore, is she?

NewFNP's anniversary week has been graced by a long-time patient welcoming a new baby girl, another long-term patient hospitalized and dying, and by the always exciting return of one Ms. Cocoa Brown. A story for another day.

Because today, on her 4th anniversary, newFNP is dolling herself up for a celebration. She is so appreciative that her cousin and his fiancee scheduled their wedding on such a special day.

To her favorite ice climbing, engineering, post-doctoral molecular geneticizing couple - mazel tov.


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Anonymous said...

congratulations, newfnp!

xoxo nycpnp

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love your blog :) I'm hoping to be an NP someday... thank you for sharing your great stories.

firmlyplantedinjello said...

congrats! i just started my accelerated FNP program and a blog! i hope to make it to four years someday too!