Saturday, May 23, 2009


What's up, nurses?  We're fucking famous, that's what.  Or maybe nursing leaders are in cahoots with the entertainment industry to make nursing appear to be a more attractive profession in the face of a horrible nursing shortage.

Not one, but two new TV shows with nurses as lead characters!!  Showtime's Nurse Jackie and TNT's HawthoRNe.  

NewFNP's hope is that the TV shows will do nursing justice and that the characters will be interesting and complex and funny and smart.  It's newFNP's fear that a recurring dynamic is going to be the physician-nurse tension as is showcased in the HawthoRNe commercial.  That dynamic is tired.

NewFNP's money is on 'Nurse Jackie'.  It has Edie Falco, it's on cable and on the same network that brought us 'Weeds' and 'Huff', it has a nursing student character and it appears to have been thoughtful in its character development.  

And if the show's writers need any technical assistance with the science and art of nursing or with story line development, newFNP shall avail herself to them!


brad said...

i'm not so sure, newFNP. Nurse Ratched doesn't seem to have the same high hopes for the series.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget "Mercy" - NBC's new show about nurses.

Karen said...

yes yes! I was so excited when I heard about these shows. I am always offended during shows like House where the well dressed doctors are doing ALL the patient care and lab work etc. And the nurses just seem to shuffle charts around in the background, although at the last mental health clinical site I was at that was the case, it is never so in the hospitals. I doubt most doctors could even program a IV pump, not that what they do isn't important. It's just not nursing.