Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A sweet rack


NewFNP is totally cool with mental health days.  Go to the Korean Day Spa for a naked lady Rub-n-Scrub and shed that nasty dead skin!  Go see I Love You, Man and eat a large popcorn.  Sleep.  Whatever.  

But do not be newFNP's MA and call in sick when you are, in fact, getting new boobs.  

Sure, go ahead and get your new knockers.  Whatever.  Your life is hard.  Your soon-to-be-ex-husband is a dick.  NewFNP understand the urge to make a change when a relationship ends.  But take a day and get a frigging facial, a hair-do and some airbrushed Coach nails.  

But when you are having cosmetic surgery, you should take a vacation day (or seven).   You should not be the employee that burdens her colleagues for boobs.   And just how much is newFNP's clinic paying these MA's, for the love of God, if they are taking sick days for rack enhancement?!!

Honestly, newFNP just does not understand the desire for two inflated saline balloons in one's chest.  Just get some boob cutlets and a push-up bra and call it a day.  Total cost - fifty bucks.  Less if you hit up the semi-annual sale at VS.

But even more of a bummer is that newFNP has really felt like this employee was committed to the team and understood the importance of her role.  

And that changed today.  Possibly even as much as her MA's new cup size.


T Rex Mom said...

Frustrating! (But you made it pretty funny!)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! You gotta, gotta, gotta put this journal/blog into a book. Honestly. I've probably read all the nursing and physician "memoirs" etc out there. And yours would be a lovely dose of fresh air. Not that I don't love Gwande and Verghese and all their kin. OK, Verghese is in a class by himself. But really....consider publishing one day!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the publishing comment....and one idea: once our clinic switched to a Paid Time off option (vacation plus sick time) it really changed people's irresponsible use of sick time. when you are using a vacation day....people think twice. When you "have to use up sick time" that will never be paid out otherwise....people tend to try to find ways to use it up. Including boob augmentation : )