Monday, January 19, 2009

Make it a double

It is no surprise to newFNP that STDs are on the rise.  Hell - in newFNP's clinic alone, she had several cases this week!  Gonorrhea, check.  Chlamydia, check.  And repeat.

NewFNP's approach to disclosure of STDs is straightforward.  It is generally something along the lines of: newFNP called you in today because your test results came back positive for chlamydia.  NewFNP then pauses so as to gauge the individual patient's response.  Some people are very nonchalant when they hear the news as though it was only a matter of time.  Some people are angry.  Still others are shocked.

Then there are responses such as this: But she told me that she was a virgin.

Well, maybe she wasn't.  Maybe you were infected asymptomatically and here we are finding out right now.  NewFNP doesn't spend a hell of a lot of time conducting an epidemiological survey.  She treats her patient and, for chlamydia, she dispenses treatment to take to the patient's partner(s).

NewFNP brought her patient some water, his Azithromycin, as well as his partner's treatment dose.  He took his medicine, set down the cup and tapped the partner's bottle.  

"Uh, can I get two of these?" he asked sheepishly.  

Sure buddy.  Two partner treatment doses it is.  Trying to blame it on the ex-virgin.  Indeed!

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