Wednesday, February 06, 2008


NewFNP has one word of advice for readers out there who may be considering dabbling in methamphetamine use: don't.

Please, just have some Two Buck Chuck or treat yourself right and share a $20 bottle of Pinot Noir with your special pal, but for the love of Pete, stay off the meth.

It's not like the skin-picking is bad enough.  Sure, it's awful to be paranoid and feel certain that there are bugs under your skin.  That's no good dirty poop!

But then you get the tooth rot, the horrible tooth rot and that is truly awful on several levels. 

For one, anyone who has ever heard of methamphetamine has probably heard of "meth mouth."  So not only do you have a frightful looking mouth, tons of people will know why your teeth are decayed brown stubs.

For two, it's hard to find a job if your mouth if full of rot, even if you have been clean for years.

For three, you feel self-conscious about your appearance and don't want to smile.

For four, you can't chew and, if you try, it hurts.  And you risk worsening infection.

And finally, when you are getting your dental clearance from newFNP, you can pull pieces of your rotting teeth out of your mouth for show and tell.  As if newFNP didn't believe that a mouth full of stubby brown and black nubs and one solitary whitish partial tooth warranted a hasty dental visit.

As newFNP has noted previously, her clinic sees more carbohydrate addiction that it does drug addiction.  Therefore, this man was her first patient with a mouth destroyed by meth use.  She understand that the rapid dental decline is attributed to xerostomia, a lack of oral hygiene and an increased consumption of excessively sweet foods, but is that it???  Is that all it took for her patient to go from normal dentition to horrible dentition in the course of two years?  And why did it happen after he had been clean for three years?  (Or is newFNP just naive and he isn't really clean?)

NewFNP is swirling her own saliva around in her mouth as she types.  After that frigging root canal and crown, newFNP has no interest in dental interventions in the future.

In fact, she just might go brush and floss right now!  


Michelle said...

Just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading your blog. I am in my last 90 days of an FNP program!

(Hope you don't mind if I put a link to your blog on mine. If so, please let me know.) :-)

Anonymous said...

fyi, a lot of the decay is actually due to smoking meth-- the vapors are extremely acidic and erode through the enamel quite quickly. If you notice, usually all teeth (and the entire tooth) are effected at the same time; unique for cavities and a tipoff to meth use. For patients that are trying to get clean but continue to use, they can be fitted w/ a special mouth guard to at least help protect their teeth. While the gold standard would be laying off the pipe, a mouth guard is better than nothing!!