Wednesday, January 24, 2007

When it's good to be newFNP

As newFNP's readers know, newFNP has her good newFNP days and her bad newFNP days.

NewFNP was so thankful today to spend 10 minutes educating the mom of a 12-month old about why we are changing him from QID Albuterol to BID Pulmicort Respules and prn Albuterol. NewFNP really felt like she empowered this mom to control her kid's asthma and got some buy-in about just how crucial this is. The mom was grateful and newFNP was invigorated.

NewFNP felt like it was one of the best FNP encounters she has had in such a long time.

Or maybe newFNP ate scrambled some Valium in her egg whites this morning and this lovely encounter (one of twenty-something) was all a glorious dream.

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Anonymous said...

i sometimes have the days where one minute it is so wonderful to be an fnp and i am literally saving people's lives and they are so grateful, and then the next minute i have two train wrecks double booked for the last appointment of the day and all i want to do is be home by 8pm when i am supposed to leave by 6. sometimes i feel a bit jekyll and hyde. sound familliar to anyone else out there?