Monday, October 23, 2006

Was it something I said?

NewFNP feels like a rejected internet dater.

After being sought out via e-mail to interview at community health clinic B, newFNP replied to said clinic's Assistant Medical Director using the same medium, stating that she would love to interview, knows of the great work clinic B does, etc, etc.

That was a week ago. Nothing. Is newFNP P.N.G. at clinic B without even knowing it?

Oh well. NewFNP hears that community health clinic B pays shit, so that wouldn't work anyway. Since graduating, newFNP has noticed that many of her conversations with her late 20's/early 30-something friends focus on paying off debt, saving for a down payment, paying off private loans super-ASAP, how the fuck anyone ever buys a house, etc. Therefore, newFNP certainly cannot earn less than what she now earns. Seriously, newFNP still drives the same piece of dump she drove in grad school and rents an apartment.

So screw you clinic B! NewFNP will make the most of clinic A for now. At least she has some good stories to share.

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