Tuesday, October 24, 2006


NewFNP has had some tough patients this week.

There was the 80-year old with CHF and hepatic congestion. Do they make liver sudafed because we need to decongest that bad boy!? NewFNP is decongesting that old liver and treating the CHF with good old-fashioned furosemide, which should really improve her urinary incontinence. Sorry about that.

Then there was the lady who was adamant that newFNP had not refilled her Relpax last month. NewFNP remembers the conversation in which she said that she would refill it. NewFNP wrote in the chart that she refilled it, but did newFNP hand the medicine to the patient herself? No, she did not. That responsibility falls to our dispensary clerk, who is sweet yet lacks a certain something - let's call it IQ/ability to multi-task/grace under pressure. It is not out of the realm of possibility to think that newFNP's patient perhaps did not receive her medications. However, newFNP has to trust herself and her employees and, thus, did not refill the med. NewFNP's patient was practically homicidal. It was not an enjoyable experience. Yes, newFNP knows that you are not stupid. Of course, newFNP appreciates that you are not a liar. Yes, newFNP understands that you would like her to supervise every interaction that occurs between all staff members and patients of the clinic. Sadly, newFNP has 29 other patients to see. NewFNP apologized, of course, but our relationship is damaged.

NewFNP hasn't had too many patients get mad at her. It was a drag, but newFNP had to stick by her staff because there was no clear mistake. The documentation stated that the patient received the medication. Bummer.

In other news, apparently the power of the blog is beyond what newFNP imagined. After posting that she hadn't heard from clinic B, newFNP received an e-mail asking her to interview... this Thursday at 9AM. This e-mail came in one week after newFNP's e-mail went out. How about some advanced notice for schedule clearing purposes? We'll see. We'll see.

And finally, check out this article on slate.com about antibiotic resistance.
Not a day goes by during which newFNP does not chastise a patient about antibiotic misuse. Come on people! Get with the program!


Jessica said...

Entex PSE 1 BID #30 0RF. That's my best Rx against abx resistance. Pt feels better (because Sudafed was invented by a benevolent God), gets a prescription (which is what they want), and lives to tell their friends what a great visit they had with their NP!
-- Jessica

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes! Love the Entex for grownups, andehist dm nr for the wee un's. Sometimes that's all it takes!

Jessica said...

That and a little "tincture of time." Although I once Rx's "NEW BOYFRIEND" for a girl who came to me c/o "depression" when what she really had was a crap boyfriend! Oh the power of the prescription!

Anonymous said...

I hope the job interview went well.
Please let us know when there is news
to be had!