Monday, September 25, 2006

Stay away from the windows

It has been an exciting few days in newFNP land.

In addition to the minimum 27 patients per day newFNP has seen this past week (range 27-34), we had a little drive-by shooting fatality/car crash in a too-close-for-comfort location. And by that, newFNP does mean visible from the front door of the clinic. NewFNP was all for closing up shop that day but alas - once the fun and games of clearing away the body and the cars was taken care of, all returned to normal. Only the disconcerting knowledge that newFNP does, in fact, work in the hoodiest of hoods remains.

Thankfully, newFNP had an unexpected treat today. As she deftly moved around her patient to partake of a thorough lung exam, she was treated with a rare sight: a mullet. A wavy mullet. Others might not find joy in the mullet, but newFNP was thrilled! It's not so often that anyone rocks the Billy Ray Cyrus these days!

It was a high in newFNP's achy breaky day.


jen said...

oh man, I thought you were gonna say that the New FNP got to stabilize a trauma patient!!

Anonymous said...

Still trying to figure out how you can safely see that many patients in one day - sure you are too.

Anonymous said...

don't you mean "Achy Breaky Mistakey?" Ahhhh, the mullet...a shiney point in a dreary day ;-)

RedNP said...

I do believe you work in *my* clinic. Mullets, drive-bys, 30+ pts per day -- the whole gamut. It's not all bad, though... I've been at it for nearly two years, and my time in my clinic is just as much fun as my time in my private practice. Glad I found your blog -- I really enjoy it (and admit, realizing that my first year wasn't the *only* seventh circle of hell!).