Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Knocked up

As a part of newFNP's continuing growth, development and work stress, she has taken on the role of prenatal care provider.

Here is newFNP's ideal first prenatal patient: 25 years old, normal weight, 8-10 weeks pregnant, non-smoker, no drugs or alcohol, taking prenatal vitamins, stable home life. She can have a cup of coffee per day because, come on, newFNP isn't a fascist.

Here is newFNP's actual first prenatal patient: 22 years old, G3P2 with a 7-month old, living in a shelter due to IPV, quit her 2 PPD smoking habit "2 weeks ago," in the 19th week of her pregnancy seeing newFNP for the second prenatal visit of this pregnancy, no prenatal vitamins, with both children in foster care, overweight and missing a front tooth. NewFNP knows that the front tooth isn't relevant, but it does paint a certain picture. Did newFNP mention that this patient was a walk-in? Of course she was! Only the non-complicated patients seem to make appointments in newFNP's clinic.

Trial by fire, this prenatal care bit.

Look at all of the opportunities newFNP has to provide education, support and care.

That is newFNP's new mantra. The old was one "fuck this" and that mantra just doesn't always work.

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