Monday, July 31, 2006

Hold the mayo

There are days during which patients just break newFNP's heart.

Imagine having gone through a fetal loss, an ectopic with subsequent tubal scarring and years of infertility before finally meeting a reproductive endocrinologist who will work with you when you're uninsured. Imagine being evaluated for Clomid and preparing to start using it. Then imagine finding a breast lump. Then having a fine needle biopsy with a "bad" result. And then imagine the waiting between those results and your impending excisional biopsy, when you have nothing to do but think of how you're not pregnant and how maybe you have breast cancer just like the beautiful woman sitting next to you in the breast clinic when you had your needle biopsy.

And on top of all that crap you get a cold and end up in newFNP's care. Son of a bitch, right? That's just what you need!

NewFNP breaks the touch barrier a lot. She believes that a handshake or a simple pat on the back or the arm goes a long way in welcoming patients. NewFNP took this patient into her arms today as she sobbed.

So, yes, there are days when patients just break newFNP's heart. Of course, there are also days during which patients just bust newFNP's chops as well.

Today was a combo platter.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Love your writing... wish you had time for more blogging.

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I also "break the touch barrier". I think that we need to connect to our patients and they appreciate a hug or a pat sometimes. I always ask if they would like a hug before I do though just to make sure that I'm not overstepping.. Are you planning to add any more links to your page?? I enjoy your writing and am eagerly awaiting my own graduation to the FNP ranks myself..