Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The formula for success

Gentle reader, it is vomiting and diarrhea a-go-go here in newFNP land. We have seen countless children over the past few days with all manners of fluid evacuation. Patients have it. Staff members have it. Children of staff have it. Will anyone escape? My facialist is always telling me that I need a colonic in order to have perfect skin. Maybe she's got it all wrong. Maybe I just need some acute gastroenteritis to flush out the toxins!

Alas, the toxin-flushing argument is likely not going to be a winner with a worried parent. So what do you tell the patient's worried mom? Sure, fluids, fluids, fluids, but how much exactly? No worries, newFNP is here to provide the answer to that pressing question. As newFNP always says, there is no time like the present to review the exciting world of pediatric maintenance fluids.

Here's the formula:

First 10 kg: 100/ml/kg/day (aka 1000 ml if the kid is a full 10 kg - see how easy this is!)
Second 10 kg: 50/ml/kg/day
Each added kg: 20/ml/kg/day

For example, a 28-pound (13 kg) kid requires 1000ml + 150ml = 1150ml/day. Let's divide by 30 and tell the patient something they understand: No less than 38 ounces in 24 hours, buddy.

See, easy peasy! That is, if you have a calculator or are John Nash.

Oh, and newFNP is certain that everyone already knows to get a urine on these kids. A nice little quantitative measure of current hydration status. The whole "sunken orbits" is a little too subjective for newFNP. Maybe the kid was just not blessed with a doe-eyed countenance! Does that indictment really need to be a part of the permanent medical record?

Happy calculating!

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Anonymous said...

I also like to tell parents to NOT give fluids to babies in their bottles. Either use a little spoon and give them poquito sips every few minutes or use a cup for those poquito sips. Otherwise, the babies are just guzzling their Pedialyte or diluted juice and vomiting and shitting all over the place.

Rest the tummy, I tell the Mamas.