Friday, October 14, 2005

Picky evolution

NewFNP is no proponent of intelligent design. Anyone who has taken a college-level biology class can understand why when you think back to the markings on animals, moths, insects, etc. Others may remember that from high school, but newFNP had biology 1st period and was no fan of 7:50AM classes. It's true, newFNP was a big 1st period ditcher. Anyway...

One of my non-scientific proofs of the theory of evolution is that I understand the desire to pick. Have we all seen the PBS shows in which the mommy gorilla picks crap off of the baby gorilla? I loooooooove picking. It's gross, but true.

I began to understand the process of natural selection and its relationship to picking this week in clinic. This understanding has made me think twice about my love affair with the pick. Here is a mathematical equation to explain what I saw this week:

folliculitis + (machinist + greasy, dirty hands) + picking = 2(abscess)

And the funny thing... what did he call it? A rash. Noooo, not a rash my friend. A pus pocket, a purulence pond, a perilous post-picking problem.

Must. Keep. Hands. Off. Blemishes. Bumps. Et cetera.


Anonymous said...

Evolution, schmevolution!

And the Lord said unto thee, Go forth and fix the broken, but pick not the wound, for evil dwells below the pierced flesh.

Micah 6:8

Once again, the answers to the mysteries of the universe lie in Intelligent Design.

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Picking also now equals MRSA.. It's out there in the public now.. I have to admit.. I like to pick too. I always equate it with the primate in us..