Monday, January 17, 2011


Some things never change with newFNP. For instance, she will never stop looking for the perfect shoes to wear to clinic that are both stylish and comfy.

She found a near bulls-eye on a recent trip to Dolce Vita with her BFF but remarked that she would not want to wear her perfect suede wedge boots if her had to do an IUD insertion. One drop of betadine and that luscious beige suede would be ruined!! She swore that she would remove her new boots rather than take the chance at their being destroyed. After all, there are no surgical booties to cover newFNP's fashionable booties in her clinic.

So of course she headed to clinic last week with her super cute booties and was greeted with the news that the room was all set up for an IUD insert.


At first, newFNP felt a little awkward at the thought of removing her shoes for a procedure and, of course, she shouldn't take off her shoes at work. It's gross, for one, and her shoes offer her some protection from sharps and fluids and god knows what, for two. But fuck that! These boots are brand new and beige suede.

At first, newFNP followed that path of correctness and safety and kept them on, but tucked them under a drape. But she was nervous and couldn't go through with it.

When her patient was in the lithotomy position, newFNP quietly removed her booties and scooted them out of harm's way. The IUD insertion went smoothly and newFNP replaced her boots once the betadine was out of sight.

Thank goodness newFNP was wearing cute argyle socks that day! She would have hated for her medical assistant to have seen some of her B-list socks!!


NP Odyssey said...

Clicking on the "Bootie-licious" header I did not expect a post about shoes and pap smears, but funny and a good mental visual. Well of some of it, the rest I'm trying not to picture.

Jenn said...

LOVE those shoes! Very smart thinking.

Nurse License Protection said...

I love those pascal shoes! Thanks for the link!